A meeting with innovation: hackapp + festivalapp

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A day dedicated to non stop innovation and inspiration towards political and social action, from connected and engaged citizens’ perspective, who act through their mobile phone. In this first meeting, apps4citizens will have two main activities out: hackapp and festivalapp.

Hackathon participation is free (you only need to register yourself in advance, by filling up the form). We invite you to work throughout all the day (from 9 am to 6 pm) on the development of a mobile application. Ideas arisen should be linked to citizens’ task as city censors who act through their cell collecting data and information of interest to issues related to environmental pollution (light, sound, etc.). 

These data will serve as a basis to generate investigative journalism contents from different approaches. Hackapp will start at 9 am and participants will be defining and carrying their ideas out with the help of a group of mentors.  Those who can not program technological devices are allowed to use Gather, which is a platform to create apps, the iCity Platform will be also available for developers and the participants will count on the guidance of mentors and experts. 

At 6pm, contestants will show their projects to the jury and it will choose the three finalist proposals. Thoughtout the Festivalapp, which will be starting at 7 pm, finalists will have three minutes to explain their projects. The jury will decide the winner and at 8.30 pm it will be held the prize-giving session. The first position will receive a prize of 3000 € , and the second one, 2,000 €. 

The Festivalapp

After the hackapp, which will take part during the morning, the Festivalapp will begin at 7 pm. It will be an open and free event where hosts only need to register for reservation.
Share experiences, offer elements for inspiration of new ideas, synergies, complicity, approaches … in a space that encourages conversation and exchange of opinions, are some of the ingredients of the event, plus other surprises that we’ll be revealing.

7pm: Introduction and welcome
Get to know a little more about apps4citizens and the dynamics of the event, explained by its creator, Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí (@antonigr). We will also introduce the jury and those mentors who have participated in the hackapp, ran in collaboration with Hacks/ Hackers Barcelona.

7.30pm: Three visions, three talks
We will expose three interesting lectures, in a brief and dynamic format, with the help of Francis Pisani (@francispisani), Cristóbal Gracia (@cristobgracia) and Mar Cabra (cabralens).

8.15pm: Finalists’ hackapp presentation
The three finalists emerged from the hackapp will have 5 minutes to make a short presentation, so as to bolster jury’s final decision on the two winning projects (First prize: 3,000 euros Second prize: 2,000 euros).

8.30pm: Three initiatives … in three minutes
We will have the opportunity to know three interesting initiatives that have emerged in the city of Barcelona: El Teu ParlamentValora Bcn and Prometteo. The challenge?  To sharpen your punctuality in a “microlecture” format (from 3 to 5 minutes).

8.45pm: Hackapp-Festivalapp awards
The jury will announce the two winning projects throughtout the awards’ ceremony.

9pm to 10.30pm: DJ Music
We will end up the day in a relaxed way, enjoying good music in the same room called Bascules, which has access to a fantastic terrace to enjoy a cold beer, courtesy of Estrella Damm.

Place: Antiga Fàbrica d'Estrella Damm. c/ Rosselló, 515 (Sala de Bàscules).