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iCity Project builds a European network of smart cities

iCity Project works for the quality of citizen’s lives. Through iCity Platform, and interacting with opened city Information Systems, IT Partners (Information Technology Partners) develop apps that provide services for citizens. The project started 2012 after a series of technical tests and has the European Union support. In 2013, first Information Systems were opened. Currently, the project is in an expansion stage with new cities entries, consolidation of the iCity Platform, and development of first apps. Is expected that by 2015 the project will guarantee a sustainable model.

The consortium: an international team of cities and companies

A consortium of cities, companies and institutions are working together to carry out iCity Project. Bologna and Genova, with the leading of Barcelona, shape the cities consortium. Companies like CISCO and Abertis Telecom represent the private sector. Some research and knowledge-based organisations like Citilab, Fraunhofer and UOC are also involved in the development of the project.

iCity Platform is useful for?

iCity is aimed primarily to cities, which are the responsible and the owners of the Information Systems. The project lives its expansion stage and in the last year some cities have joined to sum up synergies and efforts. For instance, Cornellà de Llobregat (Spain), Zaragoza (Spain) and Lamia (Greece) are carrying out tests, opening up their Information Systems through iCity Platform. Cities to be involved are going to belong to this city community, the iCity Network, in which they could co-create services.

Services are going to be developed by the IT Partners, the second group to which iCity is addressed. These are the ones in charge to access to the city opened Information Systems in order to develop apps that provide new services for the citizens. The IT Partners are small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators and social groups.

How does it work?

Through iCity Platform, and in a completely controlled and secure way, the owners of the Information Systems allow the access to city IT systems. In this way, the IT Partners can access and integrate functionalities to the apps. The iCity Platform acts as a link. The Information Systems can belong to the public administration and also to companies. Presently, iCity Project works in different Information System categories like environment, e-Government, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), data sensors, tourism and culture, transport and mobility, and WiFi. Different functionalities can be used from each Information System, like, for example, data from environment, pollution, parking and public transport sensors. 

iCity Platform advantages

iCity Project advantage for iCity Partners is they can access to a unique interface through iCity Platform in order to interact with the city Information Systems. Thus, new business opportunities can be created, offering services to citizens and using the already existing Information Systems. 

The Information Systems owners can use a developer’s ecosystem, which can create a value and give access to their data in a secure way (every developer must register mandatory to the iCity Platform). Through the establishment of these apps and services, Information Systems owners can gain new prospects.

One of the advantages for cities is being part of iCity Network. Once joined the community, cities can co-create and offer new services, using already existing Information Systems. For instance, currently it is being developed an app called “Suggestions and Complaints”, which allows interacting between cities and citizens. Taking advantage of iCity Platform features, the app can be implemented instantly in every city that has the API of Citizens’ complaints and information systems linked to the iCity Platform, such as for Barcelona (Spain), where first tests were carried out, Lamía (Greece) and Zaragoza (Spain). In addition to this, cities have the opportunity to join a Smart City European Project.

Citizens are the apps users and the whole project is designed to improve their quality lives. They can take advantage of these apps creation by obtaining benefits in health, environment, mobility and connectivity, fields in which iCity Project is currently working.

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