Successful 2nd iCity Project annual Review

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The second annual review of the iCity Project was held on Thursday, 19th February 2014 at the premises of the European Commission in Brussels. The meeting brought together the project leaders of the different Work Packages and cities involved in the project. iCity was considered a strategic project for the European Union with a view to its continuity beyond 2015, so this are good news and a satisfaction for project members. In the main, it was perceived as an interesting project, which implements a collaborative model of co-creation in order to satisfy each part involved: developers, infrastructures and cities. In short, a win to win project that deserves the attention of the European Union.  Globally, these are very satisfying European Commission conclusions for the iCity Project leaders.

Some of the issues concerning the review meeting were platform architecture and technologies, integration and adaptation to local specificities, innovation stakeholder’s engagement and co-creation community building, exploitation or project management report or dissemination plan. In addition to this, most of the WP leader proposals were approved during the meeting.

The attendes who were present in the second review were: Jordi Cirera, Marc Garriga, Sergi Amigó, David Esteban and Fina Sala, from Barcelona; Alejandro Sala, Raül González and Carmen Vicente, from Retevision; Theo de Jongh, from Cisco; Nick Bromley from Great London Authority; Ramon Ribera, from UOC; Artur Serra and Laia Sánchez, from Citilab; Alessandra Risso and Paolo Castiglieri from Genoa and Leda Guidi and Giovanni Farneti, from Bologna.

Next challenge. 3rd Project review: 17th of November 2014.