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Imagine a unique tourism mobile app, for example, that can be used at the same time in Genova, Barcelona and Bologna, with a sole front interface for all the cities. Imagine that this app could be technically available for Information Systems owners (cities and companies) that are connected with iCity Platform. This is a step forward in homogenising the data provided by cities stakeholders and public administration and iCity Project turns this challenge into reality

iCity Project is a project promoted by the European Commission, which aims to define a set of common interfaces, that allow access to Information Systems, government, companies or any kind of organization with the aim of interact with them, not only reading their data in real time, but giving and recording new information. It is a project that goes beyond the open data that only reads data; it is a project that allows the complete interaction with the Information Systems (real data) available in the cities.


To allow such a high interaction level, iCity Project has developed a platform named iCity Platform, which offers control mechanisms to the Information System owners, the authorisation to access to the Information Systems and orchestration mechanisms, allowing them to adjust the number of applications through their Information Systems so that these systems can withstand without problems.

New opportunities

The iCity Platform also offers API translation, allowing different Information Systems from different cities and with different APIs access, to be presented through iCity under a unified API. This not only makes transparent the different implementations of the Information Systems to developers, but it presents them in such a standardized way that the user experience is transparent with the implementation of different Information Systems. An example would be the app mentioned at the beginning of this article. This app could be implemented in different cities in different ways and, the most important, without app coding changes.

Resuming, when a new Information System joins iCity, all apps that were working under similar targeted Information Systems could become available for every new city with slight added technical implementation.

This is now a great opportunity for IT Partners, because is connecting them to an expanding market and no added costs are involved for the technical adaptation. Nevertheless, the project is investing a lot of effort to engage new cities and companies with the aim of connecting new Information Systems through iCity Platform allowing in this way the expansion of the targeted data. This activity will continue up to the end of the project.

Furthermore, the advantages of developing under API iCity instead of developing under the API Information System, is that iCity allows to extract data related with the app offering it through different configured reports improving in this way the production plan of the app to plan a better product improvement.

From the iCity website any user can access the App Store and download the different apps linked to the iCity Platform. Actually the project has already developed Suggestions & Complaints, an app to make easier the communication between citizens and Public Administration. The app is under testing and further on will be uploaded to the iCity website.

iCity Project is an opportunity to simplify the development of apps, and access easily to a huge amount of different and constantly growing Information Systems. Now is the time to join and be the first one being positioned in this new paradigm.