Hands on at Global Urban Datafest

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On 20th-22nd of February was celebrated the Smart City Hackathon Barcelona held at UPC Barcelona North. The Hackathon was a Global Urban Datafest event opened to developers, students, researchers, business thinkers, policy analysts, journalists, designers, community organizers or urban planners who have the interest in solving the biggest urban challenges that cities are handling in our days.

Main objectives of the event were: create multidisciplinary work groups, develop Applications that provide public interest services, interact with Opened City’s Information Systems.

Topics such as data acquisition and actuation, monitoring and management, Security, Transport and Mobility, e-Government, Environment, Tourism and culture, Sustainability were debated during the event.

For the event the organizers offered one Raspberry Pi platform or one Galileo platform per team and a variety of transducers to capture physical parameters.

Smart City Hackathon Barcelona started on Friday evening, 20th of February, with the presentation of the Hackathon and with a tutorial about iCity and Urbiotica APIs as well as development tools available such as IBM Bluemix and Wolfram Universal Deployment System. Participants were provided with access to APIs and platforms offered by companies during extra time to finish polishing and validate their developments.

A total of 8 projects were developed during the event, as: Bike Sense, eways, City Flow, Healthy Running, Sync City, S-treet, BCitizeN, Smart Libraries and QJumper.

Through the evening of 22nd of February the jury of the competition had the honor to deliberated the best 2 projects that will go in the final of the Global Urban Datafest. Moreover the sponsors of the event Urbiotica, IBM Bluemix and Wolfram offered additional prizes for the other participant projects.

4 projects out of 8 were applications build by using the data provided by iCity Platform:

  • Bike sense: application that collects data level of pollution , noise, etc. , during the bike ride of a user. The data is uploaded in cloud and mapped.
  • eWays: application that provides information on the temperature , traffic people , free parking around the destination desired by a user.
  • City Flow: application that provides data on the most active areas of Barcelona.
  • S - treet: application that executes the traffic management and load balancing.

In this context, Raluca Ciungu jury member in Smart City Hackathon Barcelona and part of the iCity Coordination team, invited the projects that used the iCity Platform data to participate in the iCity Contest, were 3 prizes of 3000€, 1500€ , 750€, are offered by the sponsor of the contest CISCO. The deadline to submit the apps is 28th of February.