iCity Apps, the social shape of the iCity Project

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The iCity Project has always been focused on profiles as developers, administrations and technological companies because these were the main assets with the knowledge and resources to build the basis of the project. Since July the project has made a step forward and is offering a new service to the general public, an App store, the iCity Apps.

Until now the main activity of the project was opening Information Systems, build a platform that offers data to developers irrelevant of which European city he/she is working on and, of course, developing Apps over the new technology created. For those purposes a developers portal that gave access to the iCity Platform and a general website that offer all the reports and information anyone could need about the project, were created. But, in order to disseminate those Apps and get to the general public a more specific interface was needed so the iCity App Store was built on a different site.

The App Store

The store contains all the developed Apps together with their correspondent downloading links. There is also information about their developer, functionalities, advantages and indicates the cities where the App is already available.

Since it has been created especially for end users, its interface is friendly and modern. Designed to improve the user experience, the navigation is intuitive, practical and provided with filtering systems that allows the user to focus his search.

As an innovation in relation to other App stores and, above all, following the iCity Project philosophy, the iCity Apps has the “Ideas Exchange” section where users and developers can share their ideas and see what is going on behind the store. It is especially useful for developers looking for new ideas because they can find what kind of services or Apps users consider are missing in their cities.