iCity Project will continue beyond September of 2015

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On 19th and 20th of June was held in Genova the 6th iCity Project Consortium Meeting. During the first day it took place the TMT meeting (Technical Management Team meeting). During the second day, the focus of the PMC meeting (Project Management Committee meeting) turned to the strategy and project continuity. Some significant decisions were made, including the project extension with 9 months (up to September 2015) and the continuation of the project beyond September of 2015. 

The TMT meeting was focused in the status overview of the project and the WP leaders concluded that indicators are on the right path to achieve the project goals up to the end of the project. It was also highlighted validating project processes such as users, responsible agents, App validation, etc.

The Project Members obtained good results in engaging new cities to adhere the iCity Project. Cities such as Lamía (Greece) and Cornellà de Llobregat (Spain) have already joined and integrated their Information Systems to the project, as well as Abertis Telecom and IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia). It is expected that city of Zaragoza is going to open up its Information Systems soon.  Still greatest efforts now are focused to follow up on the already started engagement actions and regain SIG cities (Special Interest Group) to check if they step forward into their project integration and they begin to open up new Information Systems.

During the meeting it was also presented the new project website and its new features Functionalities of the website were improved and a series of new adds in the webs structure were implemented.  Therefore, any user can check last project news, members list, iCity Network categories, the already opened Information Systems, classified by categories, the IT Partner area, among other information.

The TMT meeting ended with the evaluation of iCity Project sustainability in the future. Partners are exploring different scenarios through a business model.  

Furthermore, during the PMC meeting, where some management issues, risks review and financial statement are addressed, it was proposed and approved a proposal for 9 month extension of the project (until September 2015)

Moreover it was discussed the continuity of the project after project ends and some use case were already sketch.

From now on, iCity team faces a big challenge to open up new horizons for iCity Project future.