The first one platform (API REST) able to interact with city opened information systems.

iCity is a secure, stable and standardised platform that makes possible to access to IT city opened information systems in order to create new services. It is the first one able not only to read data, but to interact with opened information systems. That’s what makes it different, pioneer and attractive, specially, for their users: developers and opened information systems providers.

Thanks to its communication system, developers can find an available European platform that connects directly with the IT opened information systems of cities involved. All in a very open, comprehensive and friendly way.

On the other side, opened information systems providers are able to control any petition or access of any user in progress at any time, in an organized and structured way. Developed with the most secure software of the market, iCity Platform is oriented to accept any technology. 

It is a unique opportunity to interact with cities across Europe as Genova, Bologna, London or Barcelona, in just one click.


Advantages for Developers:

  • Easy implementation. You just need to know iCity's API REST and that it standardises the access to all infrastructures. Everything is documented.
  • Opportunity to reach pan European markets. The applications can be used for more than one city.
  • Use iCity project communications as a mechanism for dissemination.
  • Benefit from the iCity Platform Governance:  statistics, access control, etc.
  • Participate in an innovative European project to open IT infrastructures.
  • Co-working with other cities and developers around the world who are participating in public interest projects.

Advantages for Infrastructure owners:

  • Development of new services that are of public interest by using an ecosystem of developers.
  • Access to infrastructures, with a secure control.
  • New potential customers.
  • Be a part of a European cities network.