Mobility4all, the best developed app of the iCity Contest

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We already have a winner, Mobility4all was awarded with the first prize, of 3.000€, for being the best developed app in the second phase of our “iCity Contest”.

The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, 17th of March in the premises of The Municipal Institute of Informatics of Barcelona. Chaired by Jordi Cirera, iCity Project Coordinator, and presented by Marc Garriga, iCity Project Engagement Leader. Besides the first prize, a second one of 1.500€ was delivered to EcoCity and a third one of 750 € to RunCity.

The prizes were offered by the courtesy of CISCO, to whom iCity Project is thankful for  supporting and encouraging the development of services of public interest built by using data of iCity Platform.

Apps built for the citizens

During the second phase of the iCity Contest, the application development, candidates had two months to create their apps and present them to the jury. Mobility4All, the winning app, creates routes through the city for people with reduced mobility. “This map allows calculating routes between two points minimizing the number of obstacles and the app can react in real time to changes”, states one of its creators, researchers of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC). The app works with the data of the information of the suggestion and complains’ system of Barcelona (named IRIS Barcelona), Zaragoza (SP) and Lamia (GR).

The second winner, EcoCity, is an app that delivers statistical reports on the status of recycling garbage containers and allows users to report incidents. Its developers claim that the main scope of the app is raising awareness to the citizens about the importance of recycling. The app works with the data of the Sentilo platform, more specifically sensors that are placed along Barcelona neighbourhoods in the garbage containers. The developers are researchers of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya.

RunCity, the third awarded app, has been developed by members of the company Creator Exoglas, from Murcia. It has been specially designed for runners who want to avoid the most polluted areas of their city, for that the app returns data related to environmental parameters closest to the user location. Currently is working with the data on the Information System Quality of Air in London, but as their creators say:  “is an idea that is portable to any city provided you have the appropriate sensors”. Very soon it will be implemented in Bologna.

The icity Contest

This competition started on 14th November with the aim to encourage the creation of applications that provide public interest services using the iCity API. The contest consisted of two phases, one for proposals and one for developing apps. Each phase counted on their own awards and all of them were delivered at the iCity Award Ceremony the past 17th of March.

The projects expose their prizes both from the first and second phase of the iCity Contest

During the first phase of the contest the candidates presented their proposals for the three categories “Citizenship”, “Mobility & Transport” and “Environment”. The winners of each category Ouner, Mobility4all and ecoCity respectively, have been rewarded with 500€. Second prizes of 250 € have been to uCitizens, Kids plan and FitRun.

All of the projects are a reflection of the Smart Services that cities are looking to develop and to implement, having into consideration both government and citizens interests and needs. After five months of work we proudly closed the contest successfully, there is nothing left but to congratulate all of the participants.