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iCity Project was presented in Greencities & Sostenibilidad and TIKAL 2014 in Málaga (Spain)

The 2nd and the 3rd of October it was held in Málaga the 5th edition of the Greencities & Sostenibilidad and the second edition of the Foro Tikal. 2500 attendees from all over 600 European companies got together in Palacio de Ferias y Congresos to tackle complex subjects such as the intelligent management of the cities, energy efficiency and innovation.

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SEAT signs a letter of interest with iCity Project

This week SEAT has signed a letter of interest with iCity Project. This confirms the interest for the company and other companies for the project as a potential replicator of the iCity solution, whose innovative approach proves to be consistent with the IT strategy.

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Global Apps for a global world

Imagine a unique tourism mobile app, for example, that can be used at the same time in Genova, Barcelona and Bologna, with a sole front interface for all the cities. Imagine that this app could be technically available for Information Systems owners (cities and companies) that are connected with iCity Platform. This is a step forward in homogenising the data provided by cities stakeholders and public administration and iCity Project turns this challenge into reality

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iCity Project will continue beyond September of 2015

On 19th and 20th of June was held in Genova the 6th iCity Project Consortium Meeting. During the first day it took place the TMT meeting (Technical Management Team meeting). During the second day, the focus of the PMC meeting (Project Management Committee meeting) turned to the strategy and project continuity. Some significant decisions were made, including the project extension with 9 months (up to September 2015) and the continuation of the project beyond September of 2015. 

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Information Systems Categories proposal

Information Systems

iCity Project is looking to find synergies between cities through iCity Platform. The objective is to facilitate and share the development of applications in cities by categorizing the already opened information systems.
For instance, if Barcelona, Bologna and Genoa open the same category Information systems, any developer can create an application that could be used by any citizen in any of these cities.

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iCity, the platform that interacts with cities in just one click

Developer's Portal

The first one able to interact with city information systems.

iCity is a secure, stable and standardised platform that makes possible to access to IT city infrastructures in order to create new services. It is the first one able not only to read data, but to interact with information systems. That’s what makes it different, pioneer and attractive, specially, for their users: developers and infrastructures providers.