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The European design in the  SMART CITY : Focus on iCity Project

The iCity Project (whose full official title is 'Open App Ecosystem, related to foster innovation in smart cities'), promoted and co-financed by the European Union, and which Genoa took part together in Barcelona, Bologna and London, was a pioneering project in the ICT field.

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Informations Systems soon available: Hydrometers and Toponym Search

Genova has provided two more Information Systems for the iCity Project.

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NEXT CITY - iCity hackathon contest 05 - 06 - 07 June 2015 City of Genoa - FOCUS ON WINNERS



1st Prize - HYDROCUBE

An hydroponic modular system with its own app which allows with easy and intuitive access to horticultural cultivation for everybody. Through the app will also be possible to organize a market place to sell, exchange and reduce waste. 

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ICITY - CPEXPO & SRC 2014 SECURITY RESEARCH CONFERENCE 09 -10 -11 dicember City of Genoa

ICITY project was strongly promoted by the City of Genoa at CPExpo – “Expo conference on security aspects

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The iCity Project at the NextCity hackathon with the municipality of Genova

The first weekend of June (5th to 7th June) took place the hackathon “Next City” at the Talent Garden’s headquarters in Genova.

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iCity Project presents its innovative proposal in Genova Smart Week

From 16th to 20th of June 2014, Genova (Italy) hosted the Genova Smart Week, five days of meetings and conferences linked with the ‘smart city’ concept.