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The iCity Project works on its own Business Model

The iCity Project has reached its final phase, in November there will be the final European review and the Work Packages of the project would have resolved its commitment to the European Commission. But beyond duty and compromises the will of this project has always been to offer a new way to create Apps that eases the path for truly European Smart Cities. Following this philosophy, the European project is now working on a business plan that would allow this public service continue after the European Commission ceases to be inolved.

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Cellnex Telecom will continue operating the iCity Platform beyond 2015

The iCity Project finished its activity at the end of September 2015, under the European contract agreement, but the project will continue providing the service. Cellnex Telecom, the partner represented by Retevision in the iCity Project Consortium, has agreed to keep on running the iCity Platform beyond 2015.

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SEAT and the iCity Project work together on the ParkFinder, a new European App

The international automobile company SEAT and the iCity Project are working together on a new App, the ParkFinder, that could change the way drivers park in European cities. The project has started in Barcelona where there would be two pilot tests in November, one in the capital and one in Reus.

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Bologna Agenda Cultura, a new app realized with the iCity platform

MAMbo conference

On September 24th at the Conference Hall of MAMbo - Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, Giovanni Farneti and Claudia Nanni (City of Bologna), together with Progetti di Impresa, presented the new app "Bologna Agenda Cultura".
The app, based on content produced for the Agenda Cultura web portal, has been developed and realized using the APIs uploaded on the iCity Platform.

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Informations Systems soon available: Hydrometers and Toponym Search

Genova has provided two more Information Systems for the iCity Project.

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NEXT CITY - iCity hackathon contest 05 - 06 - 07 June 2015 City of Genoa - FOCUS ON WINNERS



1st Prize - HYDROCUBE

An hydroponic modular system with its own app which allows with easy and intuitive access to horticultural cultivation for everybody. Through the app will also be possible to organize a market place to sell, exchange and reduce waste.