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Smart Week 2014 in Genova

From the 16th to the 20th of June takes place the Smart Week 2014  event, organized by the Cities of Hamburg and Genova, in the Italian city of Genova. The  Salone del Maggior Consiglio  in the Palazzo Ducale di Genova, in Piazza Matteotti, hosts a

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Information Systems Categories proposal

Information Systems

iCity Project is looking to find synergies between cities through iCity Platform. The objective is to facilitate and share the development of applications in cities by categorizing the already opened information systems.
For instance, if Barcelona, Bologna and Genoa open the same category Information systems, any developer can create an application that could be used by any citizen in any of these cities.

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iCity, the platform that interacts with cities in just one click

Developer's Portal

The first one able to interact with city information systems.

iCity is a secure, stable and standardised platform that makes possible to access to IT city infrastructures in order to create new services. It is the first one able not only to read data, but to interact with information systems. That’s what makes it different, pioneer and attractive, specially, for their users: developers and infrastructures providers.

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New cities engagement

Manchester City


From the beginning of this year on, iCity Project has been working to find new cities to be involved in the project. It has been a shift of focus in the strategy of the project mainly to cities and infrastructures. The aim is to bring a new concept of opening infrastructures not only addressed to European cities, but to the infrastructures owners that can create new business opportunities and services for public interest.

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iCity Project has been presented on the Smart Congress 2014

On the 3th and 4rth of April, the Smart Congress 2014 event took place in Sabadell, where Marc Garriga,

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iCity Project on the Eurocities Barcelona.

On the 3rd and 4th April, an Eurocities event was held in Barcelona, at 22@Barcelona district, in the Barcelona Activa building, where Jordi Cirera, iCity Project Coordinator, was invited to present the iCity P